WKA Canadian Nationals 2019

When we founded the ECL in 2017, our goal was to promote and grow the martial arts in Edmonton, Alberta, and Western Canada. We are here to give martial artists a platform to unlock their true potential while developing their minds and bodies. The martial arts provide a way to focus your energy positively. They also provide a safe and controlled environment to practice and perform, while synonymously developing important life skills like focus, commitment and dedication. It is with these skills that martial artists are able to achieve success life.

The first step was to create a show where the athletes could show up and compete in front of a live audience, and really give them the first hand experience of life in the ring, and the feeling of achievement that comes with giving it your all. Five shows in, and we have had the pleasure of having been featured on the Fight Network, and hosting a Canada vs USA Muay Thai Gala that pit the very best from Canada and the USA in what was an unforgettable night of fights.

We definitely have some serious Muay Thai and kickboxing talent, but the unfortunate truth is that they suffer from a lack of exposure. The regional scene is busy, but it’s hardly enough to achieve the goal, to have a wealth of competent martial artists representing Canada in and out the ring. It’s this realization that prompted us to negotiate a Canadian National event with the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) one of the largest Muay Thai and Kickboxing sanctioning bodies in the world, with representation in over 107 countries worldwide.

The national tournament is open to athletes from around the country, and will be a two day elimination style tournament, with the winners of each division earning the right to represent Team Canada in various competitions around the world, including an annual World Championships event. This tournament does three things:

  1. It gives athletes the opportunity to compete with other athletes from different parts of the country, and build their experience and competition record by engaging in multiple matches over the weekend.

  2. For those who win, they earn the chance to represent Canada in international competition and not only travel the world, but broaden their horizons on just what is possible for them in life.

  3. It exposes the greater Edmonton community to the sport and gives them chance to experience the event and learn more about martial arts firsthand.

This year, the WKA 2019 Canadian Nationals will be hosted at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) inside the NAIT arena. We are proud to have such a prestigious host, and are excited to work with them in the future. The event will take place from July 26 - 28, and we have also partnered with the Edmonton Inn to ensure that out of town athletes have the best possible rate and comfortable hotel experience. Three categories will be represented, Muay Thai, K1-Rules Kickboxing and Glory Rules Kickboxing. This allows more traditional kickboxing athletes who do not use elbows and other Muay Thai clinch elements the opportunity to compete as well, and athletes are welcome to compete in multiple categories if they choose.

It’s our hope that the WKA National event will become a staple in the Edmonton, Albertan and Canadian community, and are looking forward to hosting a successful event this year. We are currently looking for members of the Edmonton community to work with on this event, primarily event sponsorship and event volunteers. If you have any questions or would like to be involved, please contact us at 780.289.3924 or email us at mukai@edmontoncombatleague.com