Kino Alphonso vs Alex Tribe

There’s something about a fight that gets the blood flowing… whether it’s Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA or Boxing, most people can appreciate a good tussle. As interesting as it is from the outside looking in, what’s happening inside the ring is something profoundly unique.

Your typical amateur competitor will spend two to three hours a day, and an average of five days a week in the gym getting their technical sport specific training (pad work, bag work, sparring, drills & other partnered workouts), and another three to five hours a week working on their strength and conditioning. This amount of work in and of itself is life changing, but the relationships you build and the life lessons you learn are something else. Think about it, a typical competitor will spend 10 - 15 hours a week with their coach/instructor and training partners, and another 5 - 10 hours engaged in focused work with one goal in mind, to win that fight.

For me, some of my favorite moments are before the fight, in between the rounds, and after the final bell sounds. That walkout to the right when the music comes on and the crowd screams in anticipation and adoration. The moment each fighter steps into the ring, the steely look of focus on their face, the relationship between coach and fighter as they demonstrated throughout the process, and the culmination of all the hard work, as two athletes go toe to toe and endeavor to best one another. Here are my top 6 moments from ECL 3: