Two New Champions Crowned at ECL4

Brandon Lalsingh & Richard Pham

ECL 4: Muay Thai Versus Cancer went down at the Ranch Roadhouse, November 17th and it was an emphatic affair. The night consisted of 8 bouts, and was headlined by two WKA Canadian Title fights, and saw the crowning of two new champions.

Brandon Lalsingh vs Karlando White WKA 125lbs Canadian Title Fight

Brandon Lalsingh with ECL Founder & President Mukai Maromo

Our co-main event was a highly anticipated 125lbs matchup between Karlando White, fighting out of Next Level Martial Arts in Edmonton Alberta, and Brandon Lalsingh, out of Kombat Arts in Toronto Ontario. Both fighters are world class martial artists who have a wealth of experience behind them and it showed in the opening round. The best way to describe this match up is to call in an explosively intense chess match… Both fighters displayed high level fight technique and excellent ring generalship.

This is one of those fights that is a judging nightmare, both fighters exchanged devastating strikes and pushed a relentless pace. Lalsingh was able to take the action one step further in each exchange, and definitely looked the fresher of the two as he was able to push the pace and get the better of more of the exchanges. At the end of the bout, the judges ruled in favor of Lalsingh via a very close split decision, and crowned him the new WKA 125lbs Champion.

Eddy Chang vs Richard Pham WKA 147lbs Canadian Title

Richard Pham with ECL Founder & President Mukai Maromo

The main event was saw Eddy Chang, fighting out of Frank Lee’s in Edmonton Alberta take on Richard Pham, fighting out of Kombat Arts in Toronto Ontario. This was a world class fight between two of North America’s top 147lbs athletes. The First round saw Chang come out with lightning fast combinations that were devastating accurate punch combinations that were followed up with kicks, with Pham showcasing good defensive capability, and always answering back. As the fight progressed, the tide seemed to turn, as Chang gradually slowed down and Pham seemed to only getter better with time.

In the fifth and final round, both fighters touched gloves in the center of the ring, and continued to give the fans exactly what they showed up for. Pham pushed an unrelenting pace with Chang matching him strike for strike, but clearly the more tired of the two. This was a fight of the highest possible calibre at the amateur level, and neither combatant was going to go down without putting up a fight. When it was all said and done, Richard Pham was crowned the new WKA 147lbs Canadian champion via a very close split decision.