Two New Champions Crowned At ECL3

Erin Jimenez and Gary Mack with coach Jason Ferrell

Erin Jimenez vs Meaghan Cameron: WKA North American 125lbs Title

ECL 3 saw the crowning of two new WKA north American Champions in some exciting and very closely contested bouts. The first fight on deck was Erin Jimenez, a member of the 2018 Team USA from the IFMA tournament face off against her Canadian counterpart, Meaghan Cameron of Team Canada. This was a tough back and forth fight that saw Jimenez slowly start to edge forward by strategically using her clinch and ability to control the distance.

Cameron was in the fight from start to finish, showcasing a polished arsenal as she marched forward to meet the more experienced fighter center ring, and give the fans something to get loud about. When it was all said and done the fight resulted in Erin Jimenez capturing the vacant WKA 125lbs North American women’s title.