Scott MacKenzie the new WKA 160lbs Canadian Champion

Updated: Apr 22, 2018

Two of the best 165lbs fighters in country who were slated to fight a number of times but for one reason or another, something would always come up… One of these gentlemen is a fighter who holds multiple titles that including the IKF Amateur FMT MW World Champion, and the other is a consummate athlete who was a member of 2017 team Canada Muay Thai, so we managed to line this fight up as the co-main event for ECL2, it’s safe to say we were elated.

Cody Jerome had made the mode down to a lower weight class, 160 lbs, and Scott Mackenzie was eager to make the match up happen so he made a temporary transition to the 160 lbs weight class for a showdown that would end up being the fight of the night. In the first round MacKenzie was able to score a knock-down via a well placed knee to the body in the clinch and it looked to be an early night for Jerome. In true championship fashion Jerome was able to beat the 10 count and put up a very impressive fight to ward off MacKenzie’s onslaught and make it to the end of the 1st round, and back into the fight.