Eddy Chang the new WKA 147 lbs Canadian Champion

Updated: Apr 22, 2018

Frank Lee’s Muay Thai & MMA is a staple in the Canadian martial arts community, and has produced countless champions over the years. Run by Sifu Frank Lee, a globally renowned martial artist who earned his place in the Canadian Martial Arts hall of fame, the gym has evolved over the years, but the founding principles are still the same, hard work, tenacity and dedication.

As luck would have it the next generation of Frank Lees fighters is fresh off the press and one particular athlete currently outshines the rest. A hard hitting martial artist, Eddy Chang was matched up against an equally skilled fighter from New Era Combat in Ottawa, Yuki Yamanaka. It’s not every day that two of the best in the country go toe to toe, but this was one such occasion and the real winner on this night was the fans.

Yamanaka, the bigger of the two fighters, carried the advantage in experience as well. A seasoned Muay Thai fighter trained by an equally skilled and dedicated coach, Kru Jeff Harrison, Yamanaka set the stage with what is arguably the best samurai inspired Wai Kru I have had the pleasure of witnessing, and got as the two fighters met in the middle and received their final instructions from the referee, everyone in attendance knew that this was about to be one hell of a fight!

The difference in speed was clear from the onset as Chang used well place feints and fakes to set up a thunderous low kick that would be the deciding factor of the entire fight. The fight itself was an emphatic affair that captivated the audience from start to finish, with the end result being Eddy Chang winning a closely contested split decision over Yuki Yamanaka and being crowned the new WKA Canadian Champion at 147 lbs.