ECL 5 - A Sold Out Night to Remember

Shijiree Chukka vs Julian Au

ECL 5 went down this past Saturday at the Ranch Roadhouse and it was our best card to date. Our nine fight line up included two WKA title fights and two Glory rules super fights that did not disappoint.

D'Mello vs Marchon

Mike Marchon (Frank Lees) vs Blake D'Mello 0W 0L

Our first fight of the night was an all out war between Mike Marchon and Blake D’mello and these young men didn’t disappoint. This fight saw Marchon take the lead through round 1 and 2, with D’mello not too far behind. The 3rd round saw D’mello score a knock down via head kick, and even up this fight on the score cards. Both men showed impressive stamina and fight acumen, with Marchon showcasing pure heart to recover from a devastating knockdown to go the distance, and D’mello showing a fierce competitive spirit and staying in the fight from start to finish.

Decision - DRAW

Spizwaka vs Wasylak

Quinn Wasylak 3W 2L 160lbs vs Kurt Spizwaka 3W 4L 160lbs

This was the first of our 2 Glory rules fights and it delivered on all fronts. An evenly matched fight, Spizwaka came out with a more relaxed pace, with Wasylak turning up the heat and pouring it all on from the get go. Throwing the cleaner shots, put together in crisp combinations Wasylak was able to score two knockdowns, put the icing on the cake to score his 2nd body shot TKO in the ECL in as many fights. Keep an eye out for this young man, Team Dunamis out of Calgary definitely has a winner on their hands.

Winner - Wasylak via TKO

Boychuck vs Newberry

Sean Newberry 1W 1L 185lbs vs Hunter Boychuk 185lbs 1W 0L

Both young fighters are no strangers to competition, and both made their ECL debuts at our last show in November, with both men getting the W. This was a closely contested back and forth fight with big shots exchanged between the two fighters. The gamechanger however was, the tenacity of the smaller man, Newberry… He was able to mount enough pressure to frustrate the bigger man, as well as disengage and use his footwork and boxing when he needed to. All things considered, this one could have gone either way, but Newberry did enough to get the judges’ nod.

Winner - Newberry via DECISION

Robinson vs Shtybel

Dalton Shtybel 160lbs 1W 0L vs Cole Robinson 160lbs 0W 1L

When we hear the term barn burner, this is the fight that comes to mind. These young men definitely came to fight, and they left it all in the ring. Shtybel’s nonstop forward pressure coupled with a hard hitting punching and kicking style was a great match for Robinson’s tactical striking approach, as he showcased a great kicking arsenal and well rounded fight game.

Winner - Shtybel via DECISION

Sean Bone vs Sean Holmes

Sean Holmes 3W 0L 145lbs vs Sean Bone 145lbs 3W 0L

Sean Bone made his ECL debut at our November show, making a statement in a one sided victory over Gerry Weber. Sean Holmes, though he has an unbeaten record, was coming off of a two year layover, and stepping up to take on a tough undefeated opponent in our second Glory rules superfight of the night. Bone came out all guns blazing as he unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks on Holmes, who showed great composure as he weathered the storm with a tight defense. Upon seeing his opportunity, Holmes retaliated with a perfectly placed straight right counter which sent the southpaw Bone crashing to the canvas. Bone pops up immediately and receives a standing a standing eight count, and gets right back to work. Holmes starts to get his rhythm and finds another well placed right hook to the chin of Bone, which turns his light completely out, and ends this fight in a highlight reel KO

Winner - Holmes via KO **KNOCKOUT OF THE NIGHT**

Brouwer vs Mofat

Jonah Mofat 1W -2L 165 lbs vs Jacob Brouwer 165lbs 2W 1L

The last fight on our undercard was a fight between two tough young men. Jake Brouwer was coming off of an impressive win on our last card as he scored a highlight reel knockdown enroute to a well earned unanimous decision over a game opponent. This fight however, proved to be his toughest test to date, as he took on Jonah Mofat, a relentless competitor from Frank Lee’s Muay Thai and MMA, who suffered a knee injury just 10 days before the fight, but fought through it regardless, and brought his “A” game with him. Mofat moved forward and bullied his way forward, landing punishing strikes and the more crafty Brouwer danced around his opponent, and landed some strong counters of his own.

Winner - Mofat via DECISION

Chukka vs Au

Julian Au 5W 3L vs 147lbs Shijiree Chukka 10W -3L 147 lbs

A last minute replacement for an injured fighter, Julian Au is an accomplished martial artist who stepped up to the plate a swing for a homerun. Shijiree, fresh off of a huge win in BC, is a seasoned athlete who brings the fight to his opponents relentlessly. This was a five round chess match between two Nak Muay who had winning on their mind. The pair matched each other’s intensity kick for kick and punch for punch, with Au opening up a cut over the eye of his opponent in the later rounds, and Chukka stepping his game up to include an impressive arsenal of sweeps into his gameplan. This was a great display of Muay Thai and was ruled our fight of the night!

Winner - Chukka via DECISION **FIGHT OF THE NIGHT**

Trung Truong - New WKA 145lbs Albertan Champion

Minh Pham 5W 2L 1D 145lbs vs Trung Truong 145lbs 4W 2L

Full Rules Muay Thai **WKA ALBERTAN 145LBS TITLE**

The first of our two title fights saw two of Edmonton’s top up and comers go head to head for the WKA Albertan 145lbs title and it was a battle to remember. Minh Pham out of Frank Lee’s went head to head with Trung Truong fighting out of Arashido Sherwood Park, and these young men held nothing back and gave the fans five rounds of great fight action. Truong’s game was obvious from the get go as he looked to establish his low kicks against the taller fighter who wields an excellent jab. In the later rounds Truong’s low kick strategy was clearly paying off as he had managed to tattoo the outside of Pham’s right thigh with a kaleidoscope of bruises. Pham showed true grit as he fought through to the entire five rounds and put on one hell of a fight.

Winner - Truong via DECISION

Devon Littleshields - New WKA 170lbs Canadian Champion

Devon Littleshields 170lbs 8W 0L vs Rob Buxton 170 lbs fighter 6W-1L


Our main event was for the WKA Canadian 170lbs title between a newcomer to the ECL, Rob Buxton, and a young fighter who made his fighting debut on the ECL, and now finds himself fighting for the Canadian title, right where it all started, Devon Littleshields. The reason why these young men were competing for the Canadian title was obvious from the get go, the level of skill and experience was apparent in the way both fighters looked for, and landed clean, well placed strikes on one another, with Buxton pressing and punching his way forward, with Littleshields maneuvering his way around his opponent and landing hard punishing strikes in return.

Winner - Littleshields via DECISION