The Edmonton Combat League (ECL), is an amateur martial arts sporting organization here to promote and grow the martial arts in Edmonton, Alberta, and Western Canada. Founded in 2017, we are here to give martial artists a platform to unlock their true potential while developing their minds and bodies. We provide athletes with an arena where they can give their martial arts direction and focus, while showcasing their art.

The martial arts provide a way to focus your energy positively. It also provides a safe and controlled environment to practice and perform, while synonymously developing important life skills like focus, commitment and dedication. It is with these skills that martial artists are able to achieve success life.


Enjoyed seeing the difference in levels progress as the night went on.


Tye Babb


ECL 2 was my first live combat event experience and it definitely did not disappoint!



lots of great sight lines and while I have limited knowledge of the Muay Thai movements, as a fitness enthusiast I definitely appreciated the athleticism and energy! It was a welcoming community to a newbie like myself and was a lot of fun to attend and something different to do in Edmonton. Can't wait for the next fight!


Alana Yim


The Edmonton Combat League was founded in 2017 by Mukai Maromo. Mukai is serial entrepreneur and retired decorated Muay Thai fighter who has collected multiple championships on his journey, and had the pleasure of fighting all over Canada and the USA. Shortly after relocating to Edmonton, he established himself in the local martial arts community and embarked on his journey as a mixed martial artist. An unrelenting competitor, he entered the world of MMA as a professional fighter, a decision which led to him a number of accolades, including the Inside MMA’s Rising Star of the Year award in 2012.


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